No-Park Walmarts in Idaho

Below is a list of Walmart stores in Idaho where overnight RV parking is not allowed.


  • Walmart Supercenter, 8300 W. Overland Rd, Boise ID 83709 / 208-321-9077


  • Walmart Supercenter, 7319 W. State St, Boise ID 83714 / 208-853-0541


  • Walmart Supercenter, 4051 E. Fairview Ave., Meridian ID 83642 / 208-373-7908


  • Walmart Supercenter, 795 W. Overland Rd, Meridian ID 83642 / 208-917-6902

Twin Falls

  • Walmart Supercenter, 252 Cheney Dr W, Twin Falls ID 83301 / 208-734-2136

4 thoughts on “No-Park Walmarts in Idaho

  1. Very interesting! I have OFTEN seen RVs and large trucks in the Twin Falls parking lot, as I live in Twin Falls. Perhaps their policy is no if you ask, but they don’t seem to aggressively enforce it. I have also seen them in the far reaches of Costco and other large parking lots. If you don’t set up until the lot empties and you are out before they open…

  2. Stayed at Meridian, ID store last night with permission. 4051 East Fairview. Ten miles west of Twin Fall is Jarome county fair grounds $10.00 includes elect and water. Dump station is on 4th st behind fair grounds. Ladies in office very friendly and suggest local attractions. Idaho Joes Twin Fall great food.

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