No-Park Walmarts in Nebraska

Below is a list of Walmart stores in Nebraska where overnight RV parking is not allowed.


  • Walmart Supercenter, 2501 Grainger Pkwy, Lincoln NE 68512 / 402-975-6171

5 thoughts on “No-Park Walmarts in Nebraska

  1. Lincoln and Omaha are VERY unfriendly to RVers. I mean VERY unfriendly. LOTS of city ordinances against “the unconventional types.” They seem to have a strange, “Stepford Wives,” “Children of the Corn,” mentality. Very afraid of strangers and “those who aren’t like them.” If you don’t have the money to afford staying in high priced RV parks, East Nebraska would just as soon you “move along, thank you.”

    Now West Nebraska is VERY friendly to the “working class” man, and they want your business that you’ll provide by stopping over. I suggest avoiding East Nebraska altogether, and planning on Seward as your first stop heading West in Nebraska. Just skio by Omaha and Lincoln, because you WONT be welcome, and you WILL be asked to “get out.” Guaranteed.

    It’s East vs West in Nebraska, like there’s an invisible line dividing the state, and “West” starts East of Lincoln. East hates West, and West really hates East. Even their state license plates are different for East vs West. Had a state guy tell me that the govt officials from Lincoln or Omaha have to take unmarked cars out West, bc if they dont their cars get vandalized. You drive out West with an East plate…well…ROFL!

  2. Oops…typos. “West” starts just West of Lincoln, not East. Sorry for the typo. The crazy invisible line seems to be just East of Seward. The Walmart in Seward is accomodating, and they consider themselves “working class Nebraska.”

    Hoity toity Omaha and Lincoln, just steer clear. They claim they want tourists in Omaha and Lincoln, but their city ordinances prove otherwise. It’s a strange strange place…East Nebraska. You won’t like it if you’re a laid back soul, so just drive on by and stop at Seward or York, or further. The farther West you go on I80, the more friendly it gets. Hope this helps.

    Crete is awesome!

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